Allianz Hosting is a customer oriented company set up in 2002. We take great pride inproviding premium services to businesses & individual customers from the moment they first establish an Internet Presence and through the life cycle of e-commerce activity. Our solutions range from Domain name registration, Shared & Reseller Hosting on Windows & Linux platforms, Managed Dedicated Servers, Digital certificates, E-Commerce Business Packages with Payment Gateway Services & more.

Allianz Hosting provides a critical Web identity, hosting and transaction infrastructure that online Businesses needs to establish their web presence and to conduct secure e-commerce and communications.

With cutting edge technology our solutions challenge the norm, setting new standards for web hosting and client care. We are a customer oriented company that delivers industry’s most reliable and scalable solutions, all backed up by a dedicated team of technical experts providing responsive and personalized support. With a wealth of experience, a reliable infrastructure, a global operation and a history of pioneering development of net solutions, ALLIANZ HOSTING is a company you can trust when it comes to ensuring the success of your Internet & e-Business ventures.

ALLIANZ HOSTING provides domain registration, reliable and affordable hosting, e-commerce solutions, Reseller Web Hosting services, Managed dedicated Servers on Windows & Linux, Security Audits, management & consulting expertise.

Whether you need to register a domain name or wish to set up a load balancing cluster of servers, ALLIANZ HOSTING has a solution to meet your every need.

100000+ Domain Names Registered

90000+ WebSites Hosted

45000+ Customers

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